Who we are

At Hospitality Staff Solutions we pride ourselves by being able to provide a win-win solution for both employers and international talents.

We have been successful to connect regional hospitality providers who may face some challenges in staff retention and match them with highly skilled and international chef to provide stability and consistency in their services.

We have a number of highly skilled chefs with extensive experience in the international venues.  They can assist your organisation to achieve its potential growth and maximum profit by aligning their expertise into your operational management. Our selected chefs are able to provide consistency in quality food and exciting menus which are up to date in the international market.

We provide a holistic approach in assisting your venues and organisation through our sister company, Education & Migration Services Australia.  They will provide a service where the sponsorship migration process will go smoothly by applying their decades worth of expertise and experience in skilled migration services.


Our Australian offices are located in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

We are continually expanding, with our offshore offices located in Colombia, Venezuela, Philippines, India and Nigeria with our Mexico office to be opened by the end of 2017.

Employee Solutions

Free link to employers
We work with first class hospitality providers Australia wide to secure full time work in various roles. Our portal allows you to connect with potential employers free of charge and help you find a sponsor to further your career in Australia!

Employer Solutions

Reduce staff turnover
Through our international partnerships, Hospitality Staff Solutions provides high quality staff to our employers. Our database covers all hospitality positions and we provide employers with a portal to screen clients, request and interview and look at visa options to suit.

Visas & timelines

Continuity of team
Through our partnership with migration specialists, we can help both employers and employees find the right visa to suit their needs. As with everything in life, each case is different and the migration specialists can provide advice on which visa is best and the timeline on each category.

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