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Skilled Migration Australia

Do you have what it takes to move to Australia? Australian companies need chefs in the hospitality industry We can help you - If you can qualify! Register Here We are Hospitality Staff Solutions We match qualified hospitality workers from around the world with great jobs in Australia. You could be a hotel manager, chef, [...]

The Benefit of Hiring International Talent

With the number of local high quality candidates in Australia starting to drop we have been seeing an increasing trend with hiring international talent. Some companies who haven’t given it the full consideration should meet with us to explain all of the various options available to them, It does pose some excellent benefits to your […]


PricingSubscription plans for companies. Contact us at for any enquiry. Chef Hat AUD $299per quarter Access to HSS database of candidates Email notification Shortlist and message candidates Post up to 2 jobs per quarter 8 hires per year Contact Us Chef Hats AUD $399per quarter Access to top 5 – 10% of candidates Monthly [...]


Are you in the Australian Hospitality Industry? Are you looking for new talent or new job opportunities? Hospitality Staff Solutions has you covered! Register Here For Employers: Play For Candidates: Play Australia is a beautiful country filled with fun bars, great restaurants, world class hotels and so many different styles of hospitality businesses. But finding [...]

Employer Sponsorship – Global Talent

Employer sponsorship Global talent Register Here Get access to top talent through sponsoring skilled international team members Sponsoring international team members is a great way to provide with the continuity of staff needed to help you grow your business. Many businesses are unaware of the process and put it in the too hard basket and [...]

International Chefs wanted in Australia!

International Hospitality professionals wanted in Australia Australia wants you Australia’s hospitality is growing rapidly and we are looking for American Chefs and experienced hospitality professionals to come to Australia and work full-time! Beautiful Beaches Stunning National Parks World-class Cities We want you If your aged 22 to 30 years old, had a chef/hospitality qualification and [...]

What we do

What we do Scroll down .what-we-do-1{fill:#7ab0e6;}.what-we-do-2{fill:#1e3148;}.what-we-do-3{fill:#2f6699;}.what-we-do-4{fill:#fdfdfd;}what-we-do What we do Hospitality Staff Solutions is based in Brisbane, Queensland, in the best country in the world. The two major Australian cities (Melbourne and Adelaide) have recently made it to the Top 10 of best cities in the world. More .help-1{fill:#7ab0e6;}.help-2{fill:#2f6699;}.help-3{fill:#1e3148;}help How we help We assist by providing [...]


Programs Scroll down Associates / Employers Onshore Nominees in Australian Colleges Offshore Nominees No matter what your hiring needs, we can find a solution that helps you achieve your business visions. Our skill is not just finding a person who can do the job, it’s finding the right people for your business to compliment your [...]

Contact us

Contact us Get in touch with us Contact us to learn more about our Hospitality Solutions. Find the best candidates in the industry. Name Email Phone Message [recaptcha] Send Message .cf7-hide { display: none !important; } .cf7-calculated-name { width: 100%; display: inline-block; } .ctf7-total, .cf7-calculated-name { text-align: right !important; } Location .melbourne-light{fill:#7ab0e6;}.melbourne-dark{fill:#2f6699;}.melbourne-top{fill:#1e3148;}.melbourne-gradient{fill:url(#Degradado_sin_nombre_50);}.melbourne-white{fill:#fff;}.melbourne-gradient-two{fill:url(#Degradado_sin_nombre_11);}.melbourne-poly{fill:url(#Degradado_sin_nombre_11-2);}melbourne Melbourne .brisbane-light{fill:#2f6699;}.brisbane-dark{fill:#1e3148;}.brisbane-color{fill:#7ab0e6;}.brisbane-gray{fill:#fcfcfc;}brisbane Brisbane [...]


Blog Scroll down August 9, 2018 The Benefit of Hiring International Talent Read More April 5, 2018 Australia’s hospitality skills shortage, and how to keep good staff. Read More
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