• We assist by providing employment pathway for International Students who are currently studying in Australia, by connecting them with various hospitality venues who may find it difficult to source good quality candidates due to their location in the regional areas.
  • These work experiences can help them to become fully qualified, we can assist with Visa application for employment up to 18 months (485).
  • If students are continuing their study into Master or PhD level, then the employment can still continue for up to 4 years with a possibility to apply for Permanent Residency.


  • Hospitality businesses have retained only half of all new hires made in the last 12 months. Adding to the pressure on businesses, those employees who leave tend to do so after only 8 months service.
  • Our examination of Australian workplace trends began with measuring how many new hires were retained by businesses over the last 12 months. We then looked at departing employees to see how long they had worked with a business before leaving:

    Unsurprisingly, the hospitality sector ranks lowest in both areas, with half of all new hires for the last 12 months leaving their roles in less than a year. In fact, most staff who leave do it after only 8 months service.

    The cost of employee retention is often hidden as it’s hard to put a figure on recruiting and training new hires.

    Reduce focus on the operational side of the business, as too much time were spent on recruitment.

    If your best workers are constantly having to train new hires they could also become disengaged, spending less time doing meaningful work. Your business may also suffer if top performers can’t do the work they excel at.