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The Benefit of Hiring International Talent

With the number of local high quality candidates in Australia starting to drop we have been seeing an increasing trend with hiring international talent. Some companies who haven’t given it the full consideration should meet with us to explain all of the various options available to them, It does pose some excellent benefits to your venue including long term employment and bringing in a new style and passion for cooking from their country or region which can benefit your current staff and overall, your customers.

We recently spoke with Jane Thiessen, People Services Business Partner for RACT hotels in Tasmania. RACT has sponsored a great number of staff over many years with excellent retention rates and enjoy growth year on year.

“one thing we have learnt with our chef sponsorship is the need to be diverse in those we sponsor. We have a number of Mexican and German chefs so our menus and cooking styles are slightly influenced by this. That said, we probably would look for sponsorship from other regions to bring in diversity of flavours and cooking styles – maybe a few Asian influences.”

What made you want to sponsor international staff?
We were experiencing difficulty in attracting and retaining qualified and experienced chefs

What benefits has your business seen from hiring international staff?
Different skills, techniques and cooking styles

How necessary is it in your business?
Essential – we could not operate without sponsorship due to the isolated location of our hotels

How challenging was the process?
Very time consuming, complex and expensive. The ground rules change frequently. You need a great migration agent to help you through the process. We have used a number of agents but found EMSA suits our needs and is good to work with

Would you sponsor again?

With Hospitality Staff Solutions and EMSA working hand in hand we can benefit your venue from assisting in finding you the right staff member, through to ensuring a smooth and simple migration and sponsorship process. We want to make sure your business isn’t disrupted or affected during the recruiting and onboarding process so we are here to help at every stage.

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